KIN9 G : A rising artist to follow closely 🥶

"Rapper", "Singer", "Beat-Maker", "Producer", are all words that are associated with KIN9 G, but he only wants to be acknowledged as an artist and lover of music. 22-year-old KIN9 G was born and raised in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Music has always been apart of KIN9 G's life since he was 6 years old playing the guitar, learned how to make beats at the age of 16, and self-taught himself to rap and sing. KIN9 G and his brother AG KIN9 who is a rapper, created and formed the group named Kin9s who, creates all forms of hip-hop & R&B with also a mix of latin, as the brothers ethincities are half venezuelan, and half Italian. KIN9 G has released one solo album “ELUDE” and a brand new EP called “SAME SPACE NEW PLACE”. A cold rnb/trap vibe with ear candy melodies  that expresses KIN9 G mind and heart. No matter where he travels... he will always be in his same element hence Same space New place. There is no denying that KIN9 G has special talent and is ready to unleash it to the world.